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Engineering Services 

With your budget and vision in mind, we work with you every step of the way to come up with a verified solution

Field Engineering Services

KROON offers advanced troubleshooting and repairs for new and existing designs by the professional engineers on our team. No matter your location, our team will come to you to inspect and build a solution

Single Line Diagrams

Electrical infrastructure drawings provide a clear representation of  your electrical assets, protective devices, and conductors.  These drawings can be one of the most important safety documents your facility can have

Power Studies and Solutions

If you are experiencing lags or surges in power, a power study can help to identify where these issues arise. These studies can help to save you money, and put more room in your budget for bigger projects

Our engineers work to deliver you risk minimizing reports to help create a safer environment within your facility. We help identify the risks, and mitigate corrective action in a quick and professional manner

Short Circuit, Coordination, and Arc Flash Studies

Electrical Installation Design

Our engineering team can help you build the bones to your new facility's electrical infrastructure, or improve an already implemented one to make it more efficient and up to date

Project Management

You can count on our team at KROON to implement from beginning to end a satisfactory execution of your new electrical design into your new building or update your existing one

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