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Our staff have the knowledge and experience to expertly complete your electrical project in a timely manner so that you don't lose money during downtime

Electrical Preventative Maintenance

Working with your budget and goals in mind, KROON promises to come up customized maintenance program that will help ensure reliable operations of your facility, and prevent operating problems or failures

Onsite Troubleshooting

KROON will come directly to your facility to check for faulty wiring, burnt out electrical components, or items not properly torqued. We will get you up and running as quickly as possible. Our electricians come to your site with experience so that problems are identified fast.

24/7 Emergency Response

Everything that could go wrong, generally tends to happen when we are not in the office, or have gone home for the weekend. Day or night, week day or weekend, we work when you don't want to, so that your electrical assets get up and running minimizing your downtime

Our Standards

Each test performed on your electrical assets are governed by regulatory bodies including: 



- Past Maintenance Records  and Commissioning Test Results

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