Manufacturer's Recommendations

How KROON Service Can benefit your Business:

Manufacturers' Recommendations:

All manufacturers of electrical equipment require periodic maintenance. KROON Electric Corp. can meet those requirements and maximize the life of your facility's electrical distribution system.

image004.jpgKROON Electric Corp. is known as the leader in the industry for sourcing information and doing its homework. Being part of the largest Global Network of Electrical Contractors we are privy to literature and documentation that at times are not easy to find, especially when equipment is obsolete.

By doing our research KROON Electric Corp. knows HOW to maintain your electrical distribution system and the FREQUENCY.


Some factors that will affect the maintenance frequency:

  • Equipment location
  • Equipment age
  • Type of facility
  • Criticality of equipment and building
  • Insurance mandates

KROON Electric Corp. gives its Clients Peace of Mind by educating its Clients on “Due Diligence” and knowing the codes, legislation and insurance requirements.

"Periodic maintenance on the switchboard includes cleaning, lubrication and exercising component parts. The interval between maintenance checks can vary depending upon the amount of usage and environmental conditions of each installation. The maximum recommended inspection interval is one year. This definition for periodic maintenance applies throughout this manual unless otherwise noted."