What We Do

Electrical Predictive And Proactive Maintenance

KROON Service focuses on minimizing both unexpected power outages and potential electrical fire hazards in commercial and industrial facilities. Our services include:

  • Inspection – Our Certified Electricians/Technicians (CTE/T) conduct a thorough visual inspection of your electrical components to assure safety and prevent loss.
  • Infrared thermographic service – CTE/Ts identify occurrences of thermal anomalies within the inspected components to minimize energy waste and reduce safety concerns.
  • Proper torquing – Electrical connections are the weakest link of your electrical system. Our Service assures proper torquing with specific energized and de-energized diagnostics to avoid catastrophe.
  • De-energized services – It is very important to schedule and perform essential de-energized tasks to reduce life safety risks and unplanned downtime.
  • Ultrasonic service – Ultrasonic technology is a mandatory predictive diagnostic tool for identifying potentially dangerous and costly electrical problems.
  • Voltage and current diagnostics – We monitor and measure the electrical variables of your systems to avoid explosions, fires and potential hazards and maximize system efficiency.
  • Power quality analysis – Power usage impacts power quality. We can provide on-site analysis of your facility's power condition and quality to reduce the risk of this growing problem.
  • Power monitoring – We will design, engineer and install permanent solutions to protect your equipment, document line disturbances, manage demand penalties and allocate energy costs.
  • Computerized scheduling – TEGGPro®, TEGG’s computerized system, manages schedules and documents work performed. It keeps you better informed and keeps us accountable.
  • Reporting – With TEGGPro®, our ESA report summarizes and prioritizes problems found, allowing you to evaluate and take the appropriate action(s) and keep your business profitable.