Michael Kroon


As President of KROON, Michael
oversees over 50 million square feet of
electrical assets by maintaining data centers and facilities of clients,
including The Government of Canada,
Honeywell, and Canada Post. Michael is
a fully licensed Master Electrician, as
well as a 309A Construction and Maintenance Electrician. Michael is Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Certified. He holds two Master's
Degrees in Business Administration and
Management. His passion for KROON
shows through his willingness to help
his employees succeed
and to make, Kroon an amazing team environment where employees look forward to coming to work.

Jeff Gaudreau

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Jeff  overseas 

Ted Lowther

VP of Business Development

As Vice President of Business Development at KROON, Ted has a zest for creating a culture that strengthens KROON as a company. He loves meeting new prospects and showing them just what KROON can do to lengthen the life expectancy of their electrical assets. Before joining our forces, Ted was the Vice President of Manufacturing at a textile manufacturing plant; when he joined the KROON team he was amazed by just how much electrical safety is our number one priority. When Ted is not focused on Business Development, you can find him running a marathon or participating in the IronMan Triathlon. A healthy lifestyle keeps Ted sharp and focused on progress and moving KROON past the finish line.

Shawn Murphy

Operations Manager

Shawn Murphy loves diversity. He
loves that each day is different from
the one before, and that there is a
new set of tasks for him and his team
to work through. As Operations
Manager at KROON, Shawn loves to
digest a problem, and allocate the
correct resources so that a solution
can be determined quickly. Shawn
loves to dive into a complex problem
so that he can constantly expand his
knowledge base. When he does not
know the solution or can't think of
one to help a client quickly, Shawn
enjoys working with the many team
players on staff to come up with a
solution that benefits everyone.

Syed Rizvi P.Eng

Business Development and Technical Manager

Before joining KROON's team as Business
Development and Technical Manager,
Syed worked on projects in five different
countries, including Saudi Arabia. He has experience commissioning equipment in 8 Canadian Provinces, and 16 States in the United States of America. Some of
these projects include completing work for CHEO, the NRC, and Manitoba Hydro, At Kroon Electric, Syed is results oriented, and works with other team members to
complete projects in a timely manner. He likes a high pressure work environment that keeps him on his feet. Constantly working to push himself in a new direction, Syed is working to become the Director of Engineering. Don't be surprised if you see him catching the
newest Star War's movie with his family!

Travis Ferguson

Director of Engineering

As an E.I.T Field Services Engineer, Travis has worked his way from the ground up, specializing in Maintenance. He is currently working towards obtaining his P.Eng and 309A Licenses. A tremendous team player, Travis' favourite thing about working for KROON is the amazing team environment he gets to be a part of. His number one recommendation for a client is to ensure Medium Voltage Installations are properly commissioned. When asked why, he explained that testing is very important to ensure that all pieces of equipment are functioning in accordance to the operator's manual. Have you maintained your electrical assets yet? To keep his mind sharp, and his focus on the task at hand, Travis keeps himself grounded with an amazing work- life balance.

Kevin Cameron

Service Manager

As Director of Operations, Jeff  overseas 

Mathieu Paré

Electrician, C.E.T

As an Electrician for KROON, Mathieu Paré has specialized in High Voltage Maintenance. He has over 17 years of industry experience, and in those years he has obtained his 309A Construction and Maintenance license. The most fulfilling part of his job is that it is a never- ending learning experience. Mathieu constantly pushes himself to receive more qualifications and training whenever possible. His goal is to now obtain his Nicet Level 2 Certification, as well as any other training that might come his way. Mathieu takes pride in keeping himself up to date on all training available. He describes himself as being punctual, prideful, and respectful. At KROON, we believe these character traits to be the most important qualities an electrician can bring to a client's facility

Brandon Kingham

Master Electrician

As Director of Operations, Jeff  overseas 

Jason Pelkey

Operations Manager

As Director of Operations, Jeff  overseas 

Jason Pelkey

Operations Manager

As Director of Operations, Jeff  overseas 

Jason Pelkey

Operations Manager

As Director of Operations, Jeff  overseas 

Kim Tunney

Project and Support Coordinator, CSO

As Director of Operations, Jeff  overseas 

Melissa Brown

Business Development and Social Media Strategist

As Director of Operations, Jeff  overseas 

Hozai Abderahman P P.Eng, Ph.D., M.Eng., B.E.E. 

Systems Engineer & Head of R&D

As Director of Operations, Jeff  overseas 

As a Systems Engineer and Head of R&D at KROON, Hozai is an ambitious and driven employee constantly looking to assist in building the future of KROON. To quote Albert Einstein "life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving." This is Hozai's approach to what the next step is in his career. He is a driven employee, who constantly is moving forward in all aspects of his life. He believes that you should always ask questions when you are not sure about something, and to never assume. His favourite part about working for Kroon, is that he is able to complete all of his tasks in an ethical and professional environment. Hozai keeps his mind sharp by enjoying daily yoga sessions. Can you say Ohm?

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